Cloud Genic

Premium File Sharing

Share files with your friends from any platform without any trouble.


Enhanced Security

All your files are secure with our file shareing system. No need to wory about your files with us.


Mobile Friendly

Our file shareing platform was built to work flowlessley at high speeds both on mobile and desktop devices.


Global CDN

Thanks to the Global CDN technology you can share your files at high speed all over the globe!

High speeds. Download and upload files at high speed.

By using Cloud Genic Network you will allways share your files with the fastest internet speed. It doesn't matter if you upload or download the file, it will happen at blazing fast speed! Checkout our Premium packages.


No wating time. Time is money!

No more wasting your time waiting your download to start. You will download your files instantly by using Cloud Genic Network!


Ready when you need it!

Your files will allways be ready when you need them. You don't need to worry about your files anymore when using our platform. We provide instant availability and security for your files. Sign Up